Working Papers in Demography 1975-2006

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102 Heather Booth, Guangyu Zhang, Maheshra Rao, Fakavae Taomia and Ron Duncan

Population Pressures in Papua New Guinea, the Pacific Island Economies, and Timor Leste (PDF 247 KB)


Published version
Duncan, R., Booth, H., Zhang, G., Rao, M. and Taomia, F. (2006) The Young and the Restless: Population Pressures in the Pacific, in World Bank, At Home and Away: Expanding Job Opportunities for Pacific Islanders through Labour Mobility. Washington DC: World Bank, pp. 28-45.

101 Heather Booth, Rob J. Hyndman, Leonie Tickle and Piet de Jong

Lee-Carter Mortality Forecasting: A Multi-Country Comparison of Variants and Extensions (PDF 247 KB)


Published version

Booth, H., Hyndman, R., Tickle, L, de Jong, P. (2005). Lee-Carter mortality forecasting: a multi-country comparison of variants and extensions. Demographic Research 15, 289-310. DOI: 10.4054/DemRes.2006.15.9

100 Heather Booth

Demographic Forecasting: 1980 to 2005 in Review (PDF 574 KB)


Published version
Booth, H. (2006). Demographic forecasting: 1980-2005 in review. International Journal of Forecasting 22(3), 547-581. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijforecast.2006.04.001

99 Rob J. Hyndman and Heather Booth

Stochastic Population Forecasts Using Functional Data Models for Mortality, Fertility and Migration (PDF 420 KB)

98 Rebecca Kippen, Ann Evans and Edith Gray Parental Desire for Sons and Daughters in a Western Industrial Setting: Evidence and Implications (PDF 93 KB)
97 Yohannes Kinfu Spatial Mobility Among Indigenous Australians: Patterns and Determinants (PDF 310 KB)
96 Ann Evans Psychosocial Aspects of Teenage Pregnancy Resolution (PDF 62 KB)
95 Peter McDonald and Rebecca Kippen Reform of Income Tax in Australia: A Long-Term Agenda (PDF 115 KB)
94 Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi and Peter McDonald National and Provincial-Level Fertility Trends in Iran, 1972-2000 (PDF 260 KB)
Rebecca Kippen and David Lucas Sources for Australian Historical Demography (PDF 91 KB)
Heather Booth and Leonie Tickle

Beyond Three Score Years and Ten: Prospects for Longevity in Australia (PDF 68 KB)


Published version
Booth, H., Tickle, L. (2004). Beyond three score years and ten: Prospects for longevity in Australia. People and Place 12(1), 15-27.

Winner of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia 2005 HM Jackson Memorial Prize for excellence in published papers.

Rebecca Kippen Trends in Age- and Parity-Specific Fertility in Australia (PDF 135 KB)
Heather Booth and Leonie Tickle

The Future Aged: New Projections of Australia's Elderly Population (PDF 64KB)


Published version
Booth, H., Tickle (2003). The future aged: New projecitons of Australia's elderly population. Australasian Journal on Ageing 22(4), 196-202. (PDF 446KB)

Peter McDonald, Siew-Ean Khoo and Rebecca Kippen Alternative Net Migration Estimates for Australia: Exploding the Myth of a Rapid Increase in Numbers (PDF 78 KB)
Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi, Peter McDonald and Meimanat Hossein Chavoshi Changes in Family, Fertility Behavior and Attitudes in Iran (PDF 218 KB)
Brett A. Davis, Christopher R. Heathcote, Terrence J. O'Neill and Borek D. Puza The Health Expectancies of Older Australians (PDF 1.14 MB)
Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi and Gavin W. Jones Socio-economic and Demographic Setting of Muslim Populations (PDF 147 KB)
Heather Booth, John Maindonald, Len Smith

Age-time Interactions in Mortality Projection: Applying Lee-Carter to Australia (PDF 376 KB)


Published version
Booth, H., Maindonald, J., Smith, L. (2002) Applying Lee-Carter under conditions of variable mortality decline. Population Studies, 56(3),325-336.

Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi Effects of Marital Fertility and Nuptiality on Fertility Transition in the Islamic Republic of Iran, 1976-1996 (PDF 161 KB)
Terence H. Hull Indonesian Fertility Behaviour Before the Transition: Searching for Hints in the Historical Record (PDF 130 KB)
Santosh Jatrana Determinants of Infant Mortality in a Backward Region of North India: Are Socio-economic or Demographic Factors Dominant? (PDF 106 KB)
Gavin W. Jones The Population of South-East Asia (PDF 174 KB)
80 Gavin W. Jones, Ching-lungTsay and Bhishna Bajracharya Demographic and Employment Change in Megacities of South-East and East Asia (PDF 579 KB)
79 Chalermkwun Chiemprachanarakorn, David Lucas and Chris McMurray Why Do Some Thai Students Drop Out After 6 Years of Compulsory Primary Schooling? (PDF 573 KB)
78 Lado Ruzicka and C.Y. Choi Youth Suicide in Australia (PDF 542 KB)
Heather Booth

Patterns of Suicide: Factors Affecting Age-Sex Distributions of Suicide in Western Samoa and Fiji Indians (PDF 928 KB)


Published version
Booth, H. (1999) Gender, Power and Social Change: Youth Suicide among Fiji Indians and Western Samoans. Journal of the Polynesian Society 108(1) 39-68.

76 Heather Booth

Pacific Island Suicide in Comparative Perspective (PDF 209 KB)


Pubilshed version
Booth, H.(1999). Pacific Island Suicided in comparative perspective. Journal of Biosocial Science 31, 433-448.

75 Rossarin Soottipong, David Lucas and Alan Gray The Roles of Policy and Community Organisation in Fertility Reduction of the Karen People of Thailand (PDF 677 KB)
74 Dirk J. van de Kaa Postmodern Fertility Preferences: from Changing Value Orientation to New Behaviour (PDF 475 KB)
73 Donald T. Rowland Cross-National Trends in Childlessness (PDF 448 KB)
72 Mohammad Mirzaie Swings in Fertility Limitation in Iran (PDF (102 KB)
Gavin W. Jones 'Australian Identity', Racism and Recent Responses to Asian Immigration to Australia (PDF 195 KB)
Donald T. Rowland Approaches to Population Policy in Australia (PDF 1.36 MB)
69 Peter McDonald Gender Equity, Social Institutions and the Future of Fertility (PDF 934 KB)
68 Budi Utomo Infant Feeding and Child Health: Lessons from Indramayu, West Java (PDF 1012 KB)
67 Simon Szreter Urbanisation, Mortality and the Standard of Living Debate in Britain in the Nineteenth Century: New Estimates of the Expectations of Life at Birth in Large British Cities (PDF 994 KB)
66 Ayse Gedik Internal Migration in Turkey, 1965-1985: Test of some Conflicting Findings in the Literature (PDF 715 KB)
65 Christine McMurray Measuring Excess Risk of Child Mortality: An Exploration of DHS I Data for Burundi, Uganda and Zimbabwe (PDF 593 KB)
64 Gordon A. Carmichael Consensual Partering in New Zealand: Evidence from Three Censuses (PDF 953 KB)
63 John Knodel and Gavin W. Jones Does Promoting Girl's Schooling Miss the Mark? (PDF 634 KB)
62 Simon Szreter Falling Fertilities and Changing Sexualities in Europe Since c. 1850: A Comparative Survey of National Demographic Patterns (PDF 1008 KB)
61 Gordon A. Carmichael, Andrew Webster and Peter McDonald Divorce Australian Style: A Demographic Analysis (PDF 856 KB)
60 Gordon A. Carmichael From Floating Brothels to Suburban Semi-Respectability: A History of Nonmarital Pregnancy in Australia (PDF 1.23 MB)
59 Miroslava Prazak and Heather Booth Measurement and Meaning: Community-Based Research on Child Mortality in Rural Kenya (PDF 701 KB)
58 Ricardo F. Neupert Population and the Pastoral Economy in Mongolia (PDF 681 KB)
57 Lawrence D.E. Ikamari Explaining Regional Variation in Infant and Child Mortality in Kenya (PDF 537 KB)
56 Gordon A. Carmichael Consensual Partnering in the More Developed Countries: An Overview (PDF 1.2 MB)
55 Habtemariam Tesfaghiorghis Fertility Change and Differentials in Kiribati (PDF 971KB)
54 Terence H. Hull Looking Back to the Hygiene Study Ward: A Brief Guide to the Literature
53 Geoffrey McNicoll Institutional Impediments to Population Policy in Australia
52 Gavin W. Jones, Endang Sulistyaningsih, & Terrence H. Hull Prostitution in Indonesia (PDF 2.51 MB)
51 Gordon A. Carmichael Trans-Tasman Migration: A Post-War Overview with Emphasis on the 1980s
50 N. Y. Luther, K. H. W. Gaminiratne & A. Gray Demographic Estimates for the Aboriginal Populations of Three Regions of Australia: Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia - 1986-91 (PDF 1.13 MB)
49 Md. Shahidullah The Sisterhood Method of Estimating Maternal Mortality: A Study from Matlab, Bangladesh
48 E. P. Renne An Anthropological Approach to Fertility Change (PDF 826 KB)
47 D. Goodkind The Vietnamese Double Marriage Squeeze
46 Adrian Hayes The Role of Culture in Demographic Analysis: A Preliminary Investigation
45 Heather Booth The Estimation of Levels and Trends in Age at First Birth and Age at First Marriage in the Pacific Islands (PDF 749 KB)
44 M. Blume Quality of Care in International Family Planning Programs: Implications for Australian Service Delivery (PDF 767 KB)
L. Stloukal The Politics of Population Policy: Abortion in the Soviet Union (PDF 1.02 MB)
42 L. H. Day Recent Fertility Trends in Industrialised Countries - an End of the Decline? (PDF 589 KB)
41 Geoffrey McNicoll Strategies of Fertility Control: Strong Persuasion (PDF 458 KB)
40 Christine McMurray Microcomputer Software for Population Projections: A Review of Six Packages
39 Gordon A. Carmichael A History of Migration Between NZ & Australia
38 D. Goodkind Estimates of Averted Chinese Births, 1971-1990
37 D. Goodkind Motivating Ethnic fertility Values: A Regional Study of the Dragon Year Baby Boom Among the Chinese in Peninsular Malaysia, 1976 & 1988
36 Gavin W. Jones Divorce in Islamic Southeast-Asia (PDF 1.92 MB)
35 Gordon A. Carmichael Beware the Passenger Card! Australian & NZ data on Population Movement Between the Two Countries
34 Geoffrey McNicoll The Economics of Australian Immigration, with Reference to Trans-Tasman flows
33 Gavin W. Jones The role of Female Migration in Development
32 Geoffrey McNicoll Changing Fertility Patterns and Fertility Policies in the Third World (PDF 771 KB)
31 W. I. DeSilva Reproductive Intentions in Sri Lanka: Do they Predict Behaviour?
30 Md. Shahidullah Is Breastfeeding a Crucial Determinant of Child Survival? Evidence from Matlab, Bangladesh
29 R. S. Hogg Indigenous Mortality: Placing Australian Aboriginal Mortality Within a Broader Context
28 A. Dharmalingam Agrarian Structure and Population in India: A Selective Survey
27 Rossarin Sootipong Differentials in Contraceptive Use Among the Karen in Chiang Mai Province, Northern Thailand
26 Sunee Leenothai The Role of Growth Centres in Migration of Women: Destination Choices of Female Migrants in Thailand
25 Dr. L. H. Day The Obligation of Refugees (PDF 407 KB)
24 Dr. P. Guest Martial Dissolution and Development in Indonesia
23 G. A. Carmichael Colonial and Post-Colonial Demographic Patterns in Australia
22 T. H. Hull & Sri Harijati Hatmadji Regional Fertility Differentials in Indonesia: Causes and Trends (PDF 699 KB)
21 L. H. Day Upper-Age Longevity in Low-Mortality Countries: A Dissenting View
20 G. W. Jones Consequences of Rapid Fertility Decline for Old Age Security in Asia (PDF 589 KB)
19 C. Young The Impact of Demographic Change on Australia's Labour Force with Reference to the Special Role of Women
18 C. Young How Serious is the Ageing Problem & What Can be Done About it? (PDF 513 KB)
17 G. McNicoll Are Australian Families Like Others? (PDF 561 KB)
16 G. W. Jones Fertility Transitions Among Malay Populations of SE-Asia
15 Sam Baum and Christabel Young The Exchange of Migrants Between Australia and the United States
14 Barry York Maltese Migration: Historical Statistics, 1890-1938 (PDF (704 KB)
13 Charles A. Price et al Birthplaces of the Australian Population 1861 - 1981 (PDF 1.02 MB)
12 J.C. Caldwell, A.K.M. Jalaluddin, P. Caldwell, W. Cosford The Control of Activity in Bangladesh (PDF 1.40 MB)
11 J.C. Caldwell The Failure of Theories of Social and Economic Change to Explain Demographic Change: Puzzles of Modernization or Westernization (PDF 1.55 MB)
10 Christabel M. Young Cohort Analysis of Mortality - An Historical Survey of the Literature (PDF 1.23 MB)
9 Christabel M. Young French Historical Demography (PDF 784 KB)
8 John Connell The People of Siwai: Population Change in a Solomon Island Society (PDF 1.16 MB)
7 John C. Caldwell and Lado T. Ruzicka Australian Fertility Transition: De-stabilizing a Quasi-stable Situation (PDF 2.13 MB)
6 Robin J. Pryor Bibliography on Internal Migration in South East Asia (PDF 1 MB)
5 Robin J. Pryor Morbidity and Minerals: Health and Mortality in Victoria in the 1850s (PDF 683 KB)
4 Robin J. Pryor Demographic Sample Data on Malaysian Internal Migrants, 1967 and 1969 (PDF 1.67 MB)
3 Charles A. Price and Patricia Pyne Australian Immigration: A: The Foreign-born Population and their Children Born in Australia. B: Some Characteristics of Settler Loss (PDF 445 KB)
2 Christabel M.Young Planned Numbers of Children Vs. Expected Numbers of Children (PDF 1017 KB)
1 Graeme Hugo Demographic Research in Indonesia: A Review (PDF (1003 KB)


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