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The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) provides historical data and latest information on sex and age distribution of population and demographic indicators such as fertility, mortality and migration.  The present demographic database is prepared based on this ABS website.


The main purpose of this database is to provide up-to-date information about Australia's population and demographic indicators which are easy to access and understand.  The database contains tables (in excel files) which exhibit trends in population growth and demographic indicators.  These data are also shown in the form of charts to present the trends more clearly.  For example, changes in sex and age distribution of the population are presented in the form of age pyramid, which clearly shows a gradual shift in age distribution of the population, moving from a young population to an ageing population.


Australian Demographic Database (Excel zip file 107KB)

The contents of the database are as follows:

  • Table 1: Historical population of Australia (31 December) 1800 to 2009
  • Table 2: Annual rate of population growth and sex ratio, Australia, 1810 to 2009
  • Table 3: Population distribution by states and territories (30 June) 1911 to 2009
  • Table 4: Components of population change, natural increase and overseas migration (30 June) Australia 1975 to 2010
  • Table 5: Sex-age distribution of population of Australia (30 June), 1901 to 2010
  • Table 6: Population of Australia by broad age groups (30 June), 1901 to 2010
  • Table 7: Population pyramid of Australia, 1901 to 2010
  • Table 8: Percentage distribution of population by broad age groups, Australia 1901 to 2010
  • Table 9: Dependency ratio (young, old and total), Australia, 1901 to 2010
  • Table 10: Age-specific and total fertility rates, Australia, 1921 to 2009
  • Table 11: Total fertility rate by states and territories, 1947 to 2009
  • Table 12: Median age of mother, all confinements and nuptial first confinement, Australia, 1975 to 2009
  • Table 13: Infant mortality rates by states and territories, 1911 to 2006
  • Table 14: Life expectancy at birth by sex, states and territories, 1971 to 2009
  • Table 15: Life expectancy at birth and at old ages by sex, Australia, 1901 to 2009
  • Table 16: Median age at marriage by sex, states and territories, 1980 to 2007
  • Table 17: Age-specific marriage rate (per 1,000), Australia, 1976 to 2007
  • Table 18: Net overseas migration in Australia (30 June) 1972 to 2010
  • Table 19: Net overseas migration by states and territories (30 June) 1972 to 2010
  • To move to the different tables click on the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet or the links from the contents page.

Citing the data

Data users are kindly requested to cite the source given in each table.

Further information

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