Asian Population Association Conference 2015

Asian Population Association Conference 2015
Monday 21 September 2015

The 3rd Asian Population Association International Conference was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 27-30 July. Presenters from ANU included:

Sex Differences in Functional Difficulty and Health Expectancy among Older Persons in the Philippines
Jeofrey Abalos

The Influence of Differences in Spousal Age and Education on Marital Satisfaction and Health Status of Older Persons in the Philippines
Christian Joy Cruz, Jeofrey Abalos, Grace Cruz

Social Context and Adaptation: The Adaptation Patterns of Afghan Youth in Iran and Australia
M Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi, Rasoul Sadeghi, Meimanat Hosseini-Chavoshi, Graeme Hugo

Mobile Phone and Gender-power Relations in Mother-away Families in Vietnam
Bich Ha Dao

Stay or Return, When and Where Family Reunion will Happen? (poster)
Bich Ha Dao

Population and Sustainable Development in Asia
Adrain Hayes

Population Trends and Their Implications for New Policies in Iran (poster)
Meimanat Hosseini-Chavoshi, Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi

Who Will Lead Asia's Data Revolution?
Terence Hull

New Estimates of the Demography of Indonesia, 1971-2010
Peter McDonald, Hasnani Rangkuti

Ultra-low Fertility is a Gendered Issue
Peter McDonald

Pathways to Employment: Transition of Young Adults in Indonesia
Reiko Okumura-Rougeaux

Central Java Primary Migrants in Different Economic Zones: Identical Employment Outcomes? (poster)
Hasnani Rangkuti

Marital Assimilation of Central Java Born Migrants in the Batam-Bintan-Karimun Zone
Hasnani Rangkuti

Marriage and Ethnicity in Indonesia
Ariane Utomo, Peter McDonald

Father's Involvement in Household Tasks and Students' Attitudes to Gender Roles (poster)
Iwu Utomo, Anna Reimondos, Ariane Utomo, Peter McDonald, Terence Hull

Gender, Power and Sexual Health among Young Adults in Greater Jakarta
Iwu Utomo, Peter McDonald, Ariane Utomo, Terence Hull, Vu Son

Age Patterns and Sex Differentials of Mortality in Asia
Yan Yu, Zhongwei Zhao

Mortality in Asia
Yan Yu

Fertility Behaviours and Their Historical Changes in the East: Realities and Theories (poster)
Zhongwei Zhao

The Attention of Summer Mortality Peaks: Observation Made in Tai wan 1971-2007
Zhongwei Zhao, Yuan Zhu, Edward Jow-ching Tu


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